Senin, 12 Maret 2012

The benefits of anger and laughter

Surely you've all been angry and laugh, but do you know the benefits of anger and laughter? if you do not know please scrutiny following benefits of laughter and anger.

A. According to Charles Spielberger, Ph.D., a psychologist who take 3 specialization study of anger. Anger is a normal and healthy behavior that is as a form of expression of human emotion. As with other forms of emotion, anger is also followed by psychological and biological changes. When you are angry, pulse and blood pressure increases, so does the level of hormones, adrenaline and noradrenaline.
2. Mark Gorkin, a consultant with stress and violence prevention, anger divides into four categories; angry deliberate, spontaneous anger (anger which made a sudden), constructive anger (anger is accompanied by a threat to others) and destructive anger (anger that spilled without guilt).
3. Anger is also a form of communication. Because sometimes someone else just understand the meaning to be conveyed when we are angry. Rage submission form can vary depending on the environmental and socio-cultural conditions that shape it. In Japan, people are often silent when angry because Japanese people are not accustomed to express his feelings. Unlike the Americans are more straightforward to express their feelings or the same as the Batak tribe in our homeland.
4. Anger is a human. Anger that can be bad is furious that are not maintained.Conversely, if you are able to manage anger appropriately, then the expression of your anger will actually healthy. It has been proven in a study that states would be better than anger harbored feelings of annoyance.
5. How angry is healthy is it? That is the reason that is not angry because of the subjective factors alone. Throw your anger or indignation naturally only. Convey, the main cause of the aggravation. Not simply follow the furious outbursts of emotion, then took it out through the words, expressions and harsh treatment because it can harm other people. Therefore, in anger we must prioritize the ratio. So the anger was so much under control

A. Laughter is beneficial for health. Laughter releases positive energy that stimulates the brain to release negative thoughts and depression experienced by the body. Reduced levels of depression in tub3uh cause the immune system is automatically increased so that the body feels fresh and healthy.
2. When the laughter, the body will produce endorphine hormones which provide comfort for the body (as a natural sedative). Laughter can relieve stress is believed to make people even more youthful.
3. Laughter is also believed to be useful to help the healing process of a disease that was suffered. With laughter blood circulation in the body will be smooth, blood oxygen levels increase. In addition, blood pressure normal.
4. Laughter is a freelance healthy, happy and done with all my heart. When the laugh, the muscles around the face were stimulated. So as to face at once to exercise, relax the tension in the facial muscles.
How mengeriti now benefit from anger and laughter. But there is a message from my own or do not laugh-maeah own anger, the dangers of judging others, they must think you're crazy anymore.

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