Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Disease that makes people more genius

In some cases, people have excessive sensitivity to various environmental conditions, such as sounds, mobile phone serial number on your desk, or brand and date of production of light in your room. The disorder is called Low Latent Inhibition or LLI.
The signs of people who suffer from LLI:
1. More sensitive to information about you:You see more, hear more, smell more and feel better through touch contact. Without conscious effort, your mind has a larger intake of information. After facing all forms of stimulation (which appeals to you), your mind automatically explore its components. So you can get information about something that is overlooked by normal people.
2. To know someone a lie:You are usually able to see the lies and deception that people use in everyday life.
3. Able to learn quickly:When learning, you can make changes instantly. You can practice the lesson you just absorb, and be able to make a connection or association between two or more things that are usually normal in people, it looks like nothing at all. Easy to understand explanations. You see the background information on these non-verbal and often provide a more comprehensive picture than what is spoken.
4. There is no talking voice in your head:You think clearly with your conscious mind. Information drown completely in your conscious mind without the influence of the subconscious mind.
5. It's hard to express what you have in mind:Because your mind is very thorough and detailed about things that are considered trivial by others, then you will be hard to explain verbally to others.
6. Other people look stupid and boring with the explanation:You will feel resentful and geregetan when listening to normal people because in your mind, that person explain about something that you think should have been explained a few hours earlier. So like, someone to talk still up in the points A, while your mind has reached the point P (the alphabet).
7. Science is a source of tranquility:You can find peace and tranquility in studying the science of things that smell.People who suffer from LLI are at risk of mental retardation if the person does not have enough IQ to process all the information he got from the surrounding environment.
While people with LLI who have a high IQ would be someone who can truly be called a genius.

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