Senin, 12 Maret 2012

my father's great

My father wanted his children to have more opportunities than he is, face less trouble, less dependent on anyone - and (but) always in need of his presence.He just told you to do the job that you like. Dad let you win the game when you were little, but he did not want to let you win when you are older. My father was not in the family photo album, because he is always taking pictures. My father was always right promise!He will keep his promise to help a friend, even though the actual invitation to go fishing more enjoyable. Dad will still put up an electric train toys for years, even though you have been bored, because he still wants you to play trains.Dad was always a little sad when I see her children go to play with their friends. because he realized it was the end of their childhood.My father started to plan your life to know that your mother pregnant (mengandungmu), but once you were born, he began to make revisions. My father helped make dreams come true even he too could convince you to do impossible things, like floating on water after it-his.Father may not know the answer to everything, but it helps you search for it. You're probably looking fierce in your eyes, but in the eyes of your friends she looks cute and loving. Dad is difficult to face thinning hair .... so he blamed builders shaving cut too much at the top of the head * _ ~

I'll always keep bushy beard, despite having turned white, so you can "see" the angels hanging in there and so you can always recognize it. My father was always happy to help you complete the homework, except for the latest math homework.Father later got a friend, but he was friends for lifeI am truly happy to help someone ... but he was difficult to ask for help.My father was too long delayed to bring the car to the garage, because he was able to fix everything himself.Father in the kitchen. Make cooking such as scientific exploration.He had formulas and formulas racikannya own, and he alone understands how to solve the complicated equations.And the result? ... . Mmmmhhh ... "not too disappointing" ^ _ ~Father would boast, that he was the only one in the family who can cook barbecue grill sauteed spinach flavor. * _ ~Fathers may have never touched a broom when he was young, but he can learn quickly.My father is very happy that the whole family gathered for dinner ... despite having to eat in remangnya candles because the lights went out. Most fathers know how to push the swing high enough to make you happy but do not be afraid.My father will give you the best seat to lift dibahunya, when the parade passed.My father will not pamper you when you're sick, but he will not sleep all night. Who knows you need it.My father thought the man had to stand alone, so she did not want to tell you what to do, but he will express his disapproval. Dad believed people should be on time. therefore he was always more waiting in front of the house early with his old bike, to take you on the first day of schoolFATHER'S HEART IS CHEAP .....He would forget what he wants, in order to give you what you need .... .He let the puppets your fields wearing his favorite sweater. ....He bought brand new lollipop that you want, and he would spend it if you do not like .....He stopped what he was doing, if you want to talk ...He is always thinking and working hard to pay you every semester spp, although you never help him count how many wrinkles on his forehead ....In fact, she would gladly listen to your advice to stop smoking .. ..Father lifting a heavy load of your shoulders with his hands wrapped around the load ....My father would say, just ask your mother "When he wanted to say, not "My father was never angry, but his face will be flushed when their daughters to stay at a friend's house without permission, and he too is almost never angry, except when his son kepregok smoking in the bathroom. Father said," notnothing to take a little risk provided you can lose what you expect "The best compliment for a father is when he sees you do something exactly like the way ....Father more proud of the achievements, rather than his own achievement ....He just will menyalamimu when you first leave the house to go wander, as if she might hug he could never let go.Dad thought a hundred is a tip ..One thousand is pocket money ..Your first paycheck is too big for him ...My father did not like the tears ....When you were born, and he hears you cry for the first time, he was very pleased to the extent that water out of his eyes (ssst.. But again this is not crying)When you were little, he can hold you to drive away your fear ... when you dream of monsters will be killed ... but ..... it turns out he can cry and could not sleep all night, when her beloved son did not apprise the shoreline for almost a month.I believe my father once said: "if you want to get a sharp sword and a high quality, do not look for it on the market especially Junkman, but come and order directly from the good iron. As well as with love and friends in your life, if you want true love someday mendaptkan , then asked for and book on who created it "For a future father told his son: "Be strong and brave more than me, choose a mother to your children someday a better woman than your mother, give a better in-law and grandchildren, than what have I give to you"And a future for her daughter's father advised: "Do not wimp though you're a woman, be my little angel and the angel is always best to father your children someday! A man who can protect you more protection than my father, but you do not ever replace my father's position at the heart "My father insisted, that your children will have to be better than you used to ....Father can make you believe in yourself ...because he believed in you ...My father did not try to be the best, but he's just trying to do my best ....And most importantly ...You never stand in your way to love God, even he will lay out a thousand street so you can reach his love, because he too loves you because of His love.Jazakallah bil Jannah for all that you sweat drops, for every wrinkle your forehead is no time to count, for each case when I was sick all night and when you miss me, for the most delicious stir-fried water spinach world, to the best seat in the shoulder that was so stout as I want to see the parade, for the drops "the tears of men" is so expensive when you worry about me, for your trust to me, although I often hianati. Will never be reciprocated everything, except the ....... jazakallah bil Jannah, "May Allah replace it with heaven, may be I owe to the Paradise that God gave, hopefully ........"Hmm .. so remember .. my father made fried rice fried rice with the strangest feeling in the world, but strangely it ngangenin ... Mizz u dad ...Apparently the father was amazing ..

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