Senin, 12 Maret 2012

secret fidelity of bats

Jakarta - Studies have shown bats have a lifetime of loyalty, such as humans. This nocturnal creature has a very strong social structure resembles an elephant and a dolphin.

The only mammals able to fly these scientists studied German for five years with the observations at 20,000 tailed bats. They are able to maintain eternal fidelity.

Professor Gerald Kerth of Greifswald University who published a recent study of bats inthe journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B provides new insights into this complexof a collection of animals.

"The study shows the multi-level social structure occurs in wild bats. Just a case ofelephants, dolphins and other primates, including humans. They are able to maintainsocial relationships although members of some groups of variables, "says Kerth.

Information about the dynamics of social relationships and interactions between individuals is essential to understanding the social evolution of animals in the long run.

"In the larger colony, we detected two sub-units of a stable relationship, especially a batlineages," wrote the study.

These results provide new understanding of social complexity and social cognition in mammals.

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