Senin, 12 Maret 2012

7 healthy tips in front of the computer
For those who work fewer computer-related problem is not too annoying, but if for people who work every day in front of the computer, the problem would be very disturbing. To eliminate the problem indeed difficult, but if it is to reduce the problem so as not to interfere with our work, I'll give a few tips that hopefully can reduce fatigue caused by working in front of the computer too long.His tips as follows:

A. perfect time to get up early dawn.
Because according to health experts claim that the air at a time when the dawn is very rich in oxygen, so it is very useful for optimization of metabolism that affect the vitality of a person in a full day of activities. That is why people are starting to wake up activity at dawn usually spend the day with full freshness, enthusiasm and optimism.
2. after you wake up drink a glass of water with a spoonful of honey added. Because according to a study by health experts honey is a drug that contains micronutrients and are needed by the body to prevent or protect the body from various diseases.

3. shower with cold water.Because the shower using cold water can affect our moods or feelings into positive, and to keep us from feeling sleepy at work.
4. prepare a glass of water at your desk.Before you start working with the computer, prepare a glass of water at your desk, is to enable you to not have to leave or move from seat anad when you feel thirsty at the time was working.
5. adjust your sitting positionThen position your eye level with computer monitors, according to the study, with eye gaze and body positioning us to the computer monitor can reduce eye fatigue and back on us.
6. Then drink waterIf you've worked long enough, hold your body and stand occasionally drink water then you have siapkankan earlier. With stand and drink a glass of water can melencarkan circulation that had hindered us when we sit too long.
7. Then sit back. After that make writing in the air using the right leg and continued with the left foot. This is done to relieve your boredom when too old to work.

Those are some tips from ane and may be beneficial to you.Congratulations and good luck always work.

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